28 July 2016

VoPP Pantone Queen case study

Check out Pantone's super successful targeted direct mail campaign, featuring the many colourful outfits of Queen Elizabeth. Their DM efforts resulted in massive online reach. Read more

15 June 2016

VoPP Community Bonding Case Study

Have you heard? Blood is the new ink. Read about how Ogilvy Brazil and the New Zealand Rugby Union produced powerful ad campaigns incorporating blood into ink. Read more

4 April 2016

VoPP Nutella Case Study

It is increasingly common for paper to be used in campaigns to improve ROI. Read about how Nutella used personalised print and social media to connect on a deeper level with their customers. Read more

9 December 2015

Case study: how Queensland Uni wooed new students with paper goggles

Examples of paper being used in campaigns to improve ROI is increasingly common. Read about how Queensland University of Technology effectively used an innovative form of print to connect to prospective students. Read more