1 December 2010

Keaykolour gilded edge postcards

Our customers often ask what techniques they might use to help them stand out from the rest, so we’re always looking out for something new to offer them. Recently, we discovered a business card with beautifully gilded edges, a technique that we just had to try for ourselves! Read more

1 December 2010

Strength and Beauty is Knight

This was a truly special project for us, a collaboration of creativity, inspiration and fashion, where everyone involved was fully immersed in the process. The large format book ‘Strength and Beauty’, and three complementary A5 postcards, feature a stunning series of photographs that are a modern interpretation of medieval heroes and heroines. Read more

2 August 2010

A Curious Story

The Curious range is now available exclusively from us. This whimsical promotion is a story about a girl who lives in the stars and about how she met with a chimera, in a world that is created from out there paper constructions. Read more

2 July 2010

Meet the Sovereigns

This unique Aussie family includes Jack (Sovereign Offset), the Queen (Sovereign Hi-bulk art board) and the King (Sovereign A2). The Sovereign Family represents our best brands for performance, price and reliability. Read more

1 February 2010

Rives sketchbook

Check out our new Rives Sketchbook with the brilliant little diddy thought up by the wonderful Alex Lloyd of Channel Zero. Elegant diamond thieves, our butler Jeeves and sailing in the Maldives? Yes please! Read more