Ogilvy Brazil & Life Support Group: ‘This Poster is HIV Positive’

Agency Ogilvy Brazil partnered with organisation Life Support Group to deliver a consumer education and awareness campaign in São Paulo, Brazil.

The campaign set out to break down the stigma and confusion surrounding HIV/AIDS and how the virus is transmitted.

Posters were created that contained 1 drop of blood from an HIV positive individual and distributed throughout São Paulo. The text on the posters read, “My measurements are 40 by 60 centimetres. I was printed on high brightness paper. And my weight is 250 grams. I’m just like any other poster. Except for one thing: I’m HIV positive.. I’m living with the virus. At this point you may be taking a step back, wondering if I offer any danger.”

The campaign was effective at educating readers that HIV can’t survive for more than an hour outside the human body, so like the poster, HIV positive individuals are completely harmless. The campaign provided highly emotional responses from the public, with some touching and even kissing the poster after reading it, proving that the message was received and the misinformation was corrected.

“The poster humanizes the problem and brings people together for the cause, showing that it’s possible to live in a prejudice-free society.”

Aricio Fortes, Ogilvy Brazil’s Chief Creative Officer


New Zealand Rugby Union & Adidas: ‘Bonded by Blood’

The New Zealand Rugby Union partnered with Adidas New Zealand to produce a campaign that exemplified how supporting the All Black players is in New Zealand’s DNA.

To create a poster that reflects the unwavering depth of support from All Blacks fans, as part of Adidas New Zealand’s annual limited-edition posters.

All Blacks players each donated a sample of blood that was combined with ink to produce 8000 special edition posters. The digitally imposed posters featured the All Blacks team performing the haka in Fiordland National Park. Slogans such as “Stand in black. It’s in our blood” and “Rugby. It runs through your veins” were used in the campaign. These ‘Bonded by Blood’ edition posters came with a certificate of authentication and given to those fans who purchased an All Blacks jersey.

The posters were very well received within the community, achieving the goal of enhancing national pride and connection with the All Blacks team. This campaign allowed the All Blacks to acknowledge the depth of support received by fans over the years, and cultivate a strong sense of community.

“Adidas believes rugby is an essential part of New Zealand’s DNA and we wanted to show how the players and their supporters are inextricably linked – how supporting the All Blacks is in our blood.”
Craig Waugh, Adidas New Zealand’s Marketing Manager


Both of these campaigns are excellent examples of how companies are pushing the limits with print, yielding results. Incorporating blood into the posters ink created a strong tangible and sensory experience, forging a deeper emotional response to the campaigns. Thus generating both a memorable and impactful experience. Using print media to appeal and relate to consumer’s senses proves much more effective than just using images and text to get the message across. Print allows brands to communicate their values and message in a highly engaging and emotional manner.


Thanks to Kellie Northwood, Executive Director of VoPP/Two Sides Australia for allowing us to republish this case study, made available to us as Foundation Sponsors of TSA Limited, the publishers of the VoPP (Value of Paper and Print) report. Find out more via