12 February 2017

Two rad jobs from Mildred & Duck

Mildred & Duck is a two person design studio from Melbourne. The duo have worked on some great projects over the years. Recent ones include 'Unfurl' for RMIT and the Delores Butterball visual identity. Read more

5 December 2016

Our 2017 Calendar ‘A Cut Above’

Henry Matisse, this one's for you! Our 2017 calendar by students and industry folk from SA and VIC is a homage to the 'cut-outs' series he created with nothing more than scissors and paper. Read more

28 July 2016

Pentagram’s Abbott Miller designs Dance Ink magazine (again!)

Take that people who say print is dead! One of Pentagram's designers, Abbott Miller and publisher Patsy Tarr have teamed up again to bring 'Dance Ink' back to life. Read more

14 June 2016

A raised or ‘multi-level’ emboss is next level

Taking your design to the next level can be as easy as a ripper print technique or embellishment. Here is our guide to the raised or multi-level embossing technique. Read more

3 June 2016

‘Strength and Beauty’ Knight Promotion 2016.

Our Knight promo by Three60 takes a 2016 edit. They've delivered another striking, refined and elegant take on the Joan of Arc theme for our Knight Smooth, Digital and Textures range of papers. Read more

11 May 2016

Kevin Lincoln’s book: ‘The eye’s mind’.

Kevin Lincoln's book 'The Eye's Mind' is a collection of his paintings since the 1990s and coincides with his exhibition of the same name at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Read more