29 May 2014

The dogs from our old site (intro video)

Now you'll be able to watch the loveable pooches from the home page of our old website whenever your heart desires. A perfect distraction for a Friday afternoon. Read more

29 May 2014

The dogs from our old site (background video)

Here's another video of the adorable pooches from our old website. These dogs would appear on the side of the screen when you navigated around the site. Read more

28 May 2014

‘The story of paper’ video

Arjowiggins Creative Papers have made this beautifully shot video on how paper is made. You'll discover a lot goes into the production of the world's finest papers. Read more

11 November 2012

‘In the groove: scoring and folding creatively’ video

A video made by Sappi, showing the possibilities available for scoring and folding. Read more