We love this marketing suite for OPUS on Hutt Apartments. Designed by Black Sheep Advertising in Adelaide for their client Proton Developments, the brochure emanates quality attention to detail and the business cards are just class.

OPUS (which means masterpiece), is a premium apartment development in the Adelaide CBD offering larger than usual apartments. Most places currently on the property market are substantially smaller in comparison. Plus, OPUS boasts all the dreamy bells and whistles like innovative integrated technology, premium finishings and fittings and a modern layout. Yes, we want to move in too. Get in line!

Creating a printed piece that stands out from the crowd is no mean feat. It practically has to yell your name and buy you a coffee to get your attention. Black Sheep Advertising have designed a clever marketing suite that is next level and reflects OPUS’s unique inner city living offering.

The burst bound brochure, printed on Knight Smooth, is over-sized and has a deliberate coffee table book feel. Black Sheep Advertising shares: “It was important to have print as part of our execution. Firstly, a functional reason – when people are looking to buy into a development it is important to be able to provide them with something to take home and return to multiple times.” The brochure’s dust jacket is treated with an all over soft touch Plasticoate laminate (it literally feels like it sounds) and a swish copper foil for the logo to add extra wow. The textures and colours throughout the brochure pick up on the architectural colour palette of the build.

The stationery and business cards are also printed on Knight Smooth. Again, the soft touch Plasticoate laminate and copper foil feature on the business card. Black Sheep mentioned to us: “When you hold the business card or the brochure in your hand, you can tell the project is one of quality and that sense is left with you after you put it down again.”

Find out more about the project which seeks to provide a quality of apartment living never seen in Adelaide before at www.opusonhutt.com.au

24pp + 4pp cover
Finished size: 416 x 306mm
Cover: PMS 425 (Grey) + Black + o/all matt sealer varnish (outer) + PMS 425 (Grey) + PMS 876 (metallic) + Black + o/all matt sealer varnish (inner)
Text: CMYK + o/all matt sealer varnish t/out
Dust jacket: PMS 425 Grey + Black + soft touch cello + copper foil / matt sealer varnish to inner
Stock: Cover: Knight Smooth 350gsm, Text: Knight Smooth 170gsm, Dust Jacket: 140gsm Knight Smooth

Business cards:
Finished size: 90 x 55mm
Front: Black + PMS 425 (Grey) + PMS 876 + metallic copper foil + soft touch cello
Back: Black + o/all matt sealer varnish
All four corners forme-cut round
Stock: Knight Smooth White 400gsm

Letterhead and with comps:
Letterhead finished size: 210 x 297mm
With comps finished size: 100 x 210mm
Front: Black + PMS 876 + o/all matt sealer varnish
Back: PMS 876
All four corners forme-cut round
Stock: Knight Smooth White 120gsm