Sundry Items

Krosstex Wiper Rolls: Exceptional strength and durability. A three-dimensional design gives more scrubbing power, with an extra thick fabric.

Lithopure Filters: Designed specifically for Fountain Solutions applications, eliminate contaminants.

Plastic Spatulas: 270 x 70mm (set of 4).

Viskovita Sponges: Compressed pop up sponge, suitable for cleaning plates.

Wash Up Bottles: 1 LTR wash up bottles with extended spout (pack of 4).

Product name
Linen Tester - Metal
Viskovita Sponges
Lithrone Filter - LP1F
Lithrone Filter - LP6F
Large Plastic Ink Spatulas (Box of 4)
Linen Tester - Plastic
Fount Tank Filter - 250mm x 670mm
Wash Up Bottles (Box of 4)
Krosstex Wiper Rolls: 1 carton = 2 rolls
Rags Cotton Coloured (20kg Bags)

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