Avery Dennison MPI 2529 Perforated

Avery Dennison MPI 2529 PWF is a digital printable white/black perforated calendered vinyl film for use in a wide range of promotional window graphics applications where one way vision, removability and value for money is required. Used on passenger vehicles for continuous, uninterrupted vehicle graphics covering painted and window areas, and large size graphics on building windows that still provide sufficient interior daylight and exterior viewing capabilities.

Key features

  • Applications include buses and trains, outdoor advertising and floor or window graphics
  • Good outdoor durability and performance
  • Perforated window film with white print face
  • Perforated film with white print face, black on adhesive side for one way vision graphics
  • 2 mm holes with 50% open perforated area

Suitable applications

  • Buses, Trains & Light Rails
  • Window graphics
  • Screens, doors, & mirrors
  • Architectural Interior & Exterior signs
Product name Adhesive Width mm Length m
MPI 2529 Removable 1370 50, 100

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