Guard Gloss 4-OHG

One side single coated paper with heat sealable and barrier coating on the reverse side.

A paper-based packaging solution to replace multi-layear barrier films with materials largely originating from renewable sources (>80%). This innovative paper offers integrated functionalities, such as an effective barrier against oxygen, water vapor, grease, mineral oil and aroma combined with excellent heat sealability.

Suitable for various flexible packaging applications, such as flow-wrap, sachets and pouches for:

  • The food market, eg. noodles, rice, confectionery, powdered products, cereals, crisps and other dry and fatty food ingredients.
  • The non-food market, eg, dishwasher tablets and seeds.

Printing processes:

  • Flexo
  • Gravure


Key features

  • FSC certified
  • Heat sealability
  • Calendered
  • Barrier properties: WVTR. OTR, MOSH / MOAH, aroma, grease
  • Recyclable
  • Glossy top side

Suitable applications

  • Flexible packaging such as flow-wrap, sachets and pouches for the food and non-food markets

Environmental credentials

  • Recyclable in the paper waste stream
  • Material coming from >80% renewable sources
  • FSC certified


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