Giroform Carbonless – Coated Front & Back

Giroform CFB is a carbonless paper produced by Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe. It has a superior press performance with sharp, distinctive black image impressions.

This product is stocked in jumbo reels and converted to a selection of sizes.

Key features

  • Excellent bulk and opacity
  • Superbly flexible in application when producing forms
  • Sharp, distinctive black image impression
  • Superior press performance
  • Technical and consumer handbooks available
  • Trialling recommended for digital
  • Available in 5 colours
  • Middle Sheet
  • Giroform CFB Middle Sheet is a non-carbon paper.

Suitable applications

  • Forms
Product name GSM Colour Length m
Giroform CFB 53 Blue 10500
Giroform CFB 53 Green 10500
Giroform CFB 53 Pink 10500
Giroform CFB 53 Yellow 10500
Giroform CFB 53 White 10500
Giroform CFB 80 White 5250

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