Crocodile Board

Australian made, heavyweight, pasted board available in four colours. Combining excellent stiffness and durability, Crocodile Board™ is primarily used for bookbinding work, transfer covers and folios. Manufactured by GuiseGroup (Australia).

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Key features

  • Australian Made
  • Heavy weight pasted board
  • Bookbinding work, transfer covers and folios
  • Contains 75% post consumer waste
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Sold in mill packs only

Suitable applications

  • Backing board
  • Book binding
  • Bookbinding Backing board

Environmental credentials

Crocodile Board™ is made with 75% post consumer waste recycled fibre, reducing the pressure on forest land and protecting its ability to absorb carbon for longer.


GSM Colour Sheet Size mm (Bold = grain direction)
590 Blue 690 x 910 Order sample
590 Green 690 x 910 Order sample
590 Grey 690 x 910 Order sample
590 Red 690 x 910 Order sample

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