AvantGuard Nature S

Uncoated paper with heat sealable and barrier coating on the reverse side.

A paper-based packaging solution to replace multi-layear barrier films with materials largely originating from renewable sources (>80%). This innovative paper offers integrated functionalities, such as an effective barrier against oxygen, water vapor, grease, mineral oil and aroma.

Suitable for various flexible packaging applications, such as flow-wrap, sachets and pouches for:

  • The food market, eg. noodles, rice, confectionery, powdered products, cereals, crisps and other dry and fatty food ingredients.
  • The non-food market, eg, dishwasher tablets and seeds.

Printing processes:

  • Flexo
  • Gravure


Key features

  • FSC certified
  • Heat sealability
  • Uncoated top side
  • Calendered
  • Chlorine free
  • Barrier properties: WVTR. OTR, MOSH / MOAH, aroma, grease
  • Recyclable

Suitable applications

  • Flexible packaging such as flow-wrap, sachets and pouches for the food and non-food markets

Environmental credentials

  • Recyclable in the paper waste stream
  • Material coming from >80% renewable sources
  • FSC certified


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